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Photo Diet How it Works Want some friendly expert diet advice?

Serial Dieters


So you’ve tried many different diets. Some of them worked for a while. But then real life got in the way. Maybe you didn’t have time to count calories. Or you didn’t have time for weekly meetings. Or perhaps you just couldn’t face eating nothing but low fat foods, or nothing but meal replacement shakes, anymore.

Photo Diet is different:

  • It fits your life. All you need is the one device you always have with you: your smartphone.
  • It’s simple. No meetings, no point system, no strange meals or supplements. Just send a quick photo of each meal, and that’s it.
  • It’s personal. You get tailored diet advice from our nutritionists every day*.
  • It’s motivational. You get daily* support from expert nutritionists who sees everything you eat. It’s like having your own personal diet coach
  • It gets results. You’ll build a complete plan of the diet that works best for you, and reach your targets fast.

Your Photo Diet plan is all about YOU

With Photo Diet, there’s no need to take time out of your busy schedule to attend meetings. There are no lectures. No getting weighed in front of strangers. No waiting to take your turn.

Instead you get personal diet advice and support direct to your inbox. Wherever you are, or however busy. It’s completely confidential too.

Discover the foods that work for you

When you keep a Photo Diet food diary of all your meals, our expert nutritionists can assess everything you eat. This allows us to build a full picture of your eating habits. You’ll receive personal advice that helps you:

  • Discover which foods help you lose weight fastest
  • Get your portion sizes just right
  • Improve the quality of the food you eat

Look great for your upcoming event

Photo Diet gets results fast. So it’s ideal if you’re looking forward to a wedding, holiday, birthday, reunion, interview, physical examination or anything else.

Join Photo Diet now

Sign up now and receive your Welcome Pack straight away. Your Welcome Pack includes your diet guidelines and lots of useful tips and eating advice, as well as easy instructions on how to send your photos. You can start sending photos of your meals straight away – and start getting the weight loss results you’ve always wanted.

*Photo Diet support is provided weekdays from Monday to Friday. You will receive feedback on your weekend meal photos on the following Monday.

Even though I was on a diet prior to starting Photo Diet my weight hadn’t changed for at least six months. I lost 9lbs in the first three weeks and I was eating more than I was on my previous diet.

Kerry Walker

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