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Photo Diet How it Works Want some friendly expert diet advice?

Why Photo Diet?

Whether you want to lose weight, eat more healthily or get fitter, Photo Diet offers fast results that fit your lifestyle.

With Photo Diet’s unique interactive dieting system you will:

  • Change your eating habits and reach your goals fast
  • Improve your health by eating a more balanced diet
  • Identify problem foods and which foods help you lose weight fastest
  • Have more energy at work and at play
  • Receive personal support and advice direct to your smartphone

“Snap” and you’re done.

With other diet plans, you’ll find yourself counting calories, going to weekly meetings, cutting out important foods and more. Photo Diet is different – because all you need is your smartphone.

  • It’s easy – take a quick photo of each meal, send it and you’re done
  • It’s anytime – access your support anywhere on your smartphone or PC
  • It’s timesaving – no calorie counting, no weekly meetings, just expert advice

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

You don’t have to have a smartphone to use Photo Diet. A digital camera or tablet camera works just as well.

Your own personal diet coach

Every photo you send to us is assessed by our expert nutritionists. So you receive expert advice on how to modify your diet, little by little, until you reach your goals. Our personalised advice helps you:

  • Find the correct balance of portion size, food quality and food variety for your body
  • Eat a healthier, more balanced diet
  • Feel supported every step of the way

Photo Diet is the quicker, healthier and more personal alternative to ordinary diet plans. Click below to join now.

I’ve never had this level of support before whilst dieting. The frequent contact helped me stay motivated and stick to the foods I needed to be eating.

Nicola Simpson

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