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Photo Diet How it Works Want some friendly expert diet advice?


Photo Diet is the personal, healthy alternative to slimming clubs and fad diets.

Members keep a simple photo diary of each meal, and email each photo to us. Photo Diet’s nutritionists give expert advice and personalised support on how they can change their diet and reach their goals.

Photo Diet fits your lifestyle.

There are no weekly clubs to attend. There’s no calorie counting or points system. And there’s no need to buy expensive supplements, or cut out important food types. All that’s needed is a smartphone (or digital camera) and an email address.

Photo Diet is NOT an automated service. Every photo is assessed by a real nutrition expert. The support our members receive is one-to-one, personalised and unique.

Photo Diet aims to:

  • Provide the fastest and healthiest way to get the diet results our members want
  • Be the most knowledgeable and trusted resource for anyone who needs help with their diet

About Photo Diet

Photo Diet was created by personal trainer Anthony Chapman. Anthony has spent over a decade helping his clients to reach their body goals through personalised, one-to-one support. Then in 2008, the advent of the camera smartphone inspired him to develop a way to offer his healthy and effective diet methods to a wider audience. Today, Photo Diet helps everyone from serial dieters to gym fanatics to reach their weight and fitness goals.


Photo Diet is much more effective and quicker than other methods I’ve tried.

Scott Lowe

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